Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Working Backwards

After receiving my ultimatum, I have decided that the best way to update my blog would be to work backwards. As I wrote my letter to Phillip, I realized that the purpose of my blogs are not only to share my artwork, but also my heart.

Every image, every look, every strand of hair that grazes my face is caught on film for a reason. Often, I cannot begin to imagine the beauty that will come out of the precious time my photographer and I share. The last two times I have come to work with Phillip, we worked with T-shirts. That's right, T-shirts. Now, let's get real, I like to keep it sexy. HOW CAN T-SHIRTS POSSIBLY BE SEXY? Let me show you....

Oh, and this last one clearly has no T-shirt, but a cool image, nonetheless! I suppose I could try selling my underwear to the race crew...

Anyways, these last two shoots reminded me how important the model-photographer relationship is. Together, Phillip and I styled and created these images advertising Proof Bar's Posse on Broadway T-shirt and GhostTrack's CarCraft T-shirts . As always, a successful marriage of creativity and fun...without the ball and chain, of course.

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