Monday, July 25, 2011

Dedicated to My Peeping Tom

Last night, I came home to participate in some nude gymnastics aka evening yoga. After my shower, I heard the doorbell. I ignored it. There would be no purchasing of "tupperware" past 11.p.m. in my house. Well, when the Costa Mesa Police called out, I had no choice but to answer in my lingerie. And thank goodness for the neighbors who called the police in the first place. Apparently, there had been a Peeping Tom lurking around my window. My dream come true. Although I was completely creeped out by humanity, I found some sense of relief when I was told he was being arrested outside.

Solution to my Tom experience:
1. Be careful where and when I do nude gymnastics.
2. Close doors and windows at night or when I am home alone.
3. Do not run in my neighborhood with a ponytail.
4. When I get out of my car, notice the people around me.
5. Carry pepper spray on my keychain.
and last but not least...
6. Own a gun. Or two. BIG ONES.

If you are reading this and are a Peeping Tom, please reconsider. I will scare you away with my water guns.

Although Phillip does not usually do pin-ups, he humored me as I was dying to do this shot. True to form, we created some magic and our quality problem of the day was having too many shots to choose from. I hope you enjoy the few that we settled on. 

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