Monday, July 25, 2011

Dedicated to My Peeping Tom

Last night, I came home to participate in some nude gymnastics aka evening yoga. After my shower, I heard the doorbell. I ignored it. There would be no purchasing of "tupperware" past 11.p.m. in my house. Well, when the Costa Mesa Police called out, I had no choice but to answer in my lingerie. And thank goodness for the neighbors who called the police in the first place. Apparently, there had been a Peeping Tom lurking around my window. My dream come true. Although I was completely creeped out by humanity, I found some sense of relief when I was told he was being arrested outside.

Solution to my Tom experience:
1. Be careful where and when I do nude gymnastics.
2. Close doors and windows at night or when I am home alone.
3. Do not run in my neighborhood with a ponytail.
4. When I get out of my car, notice the people around me.
5. Carry pepper spray on my keychain.
and last but not least...
6. Own a gun. Or two. BIG ONES.

If you are reading this and are a Peeping Tom, please reconsider. I will scare you away with my water guns.

Although Phillip does not usually do pin-ups, he humored me as I was dying to do this shot. True to form, we created some magic and our quality problem of the day was having too many shots to choose from. I hope you enjoy the few that we settled on. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Working Backwards

After receiving my ultimatum, I have decided that the best way to update my blog would be to work backwards. As I wrote my letter to Phillip, I realized that the purpose of my blogs are not only to share my artwork, but also my heart.

Every image, every look, every strand of hair that grazes my face is caught on film for a reason. Often, I cannot begin to imagine the beauty that will come out of the precious time my photographer and I share. The last two times I have come to work with Phillip, we worked with T-shirts. That's right, T-shirts. Now, let's get real, I like to keep it sexy. HOW CAN T-SHIRTS POSSIBLY BE SEXY? Let me show you....

Oh, and this last one clearly has no T-shirt, but a cool image, nonetheless! I suppose I could try selling my underwear to the race crew...

Anyways, these last two shoots reminded me how important the model-photographer relationship is. Together, Phillip and I styled and created these images advertising Proof Bar's Posse on Broadway T-shirt and GhostTrack's CarCraft T-shirts . As always, a successful marriage of creativity and fun...without the ball and chain, of course.

My Ultimatum

Dear Phillip,
Last night you gave me an ultimatum. To express my gratitude and passion to continue working with you, I am blogging at the crack of dawn. I lost hours of sleep ruminating about my "hold".... Okay, so maybe I am being a bit dramatic. Maybe. Well, here is my first post, updated from a lost long Deveraux. And it starts with YOU.

Thinking about all the work we have done and will do, I want to cry until I laugh. And although quite dramatic again, I feel so blessed to have the moments we have shared and encapsulated in photographs. I remember every shoot, every laugh with you, Phillip. You are my friend and my artist. Together, we are traveling the road less traveled.
With the most respect and love,